In a lovely outdoor photo session from FemJoy - there's nothing like a nature walk guided by a sexy nude babe like her.

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Social Bookmarking is in the house!

Filed under: All Posts — Buster August 15, 2007 @ 8:28 am

I really don’t know if this works for anybody, but I just added Social Bookmarking to the blog, so all you crazy bookmakers out there can finally start to add my shit to your bookmark archive! You do that or me and my friends come and smash you to pieces!… Also… All your bookmarks are belong to us… Enough said!

Every man wants to know how to push a woman's buttons to make her want him. Learn how do it yourself - It's As Easy as 1-2-3!

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It’s lame to be lame

Filed under: All Posts — Buster @ 8:11 am

It’s not the smartest post title I’ve come with lately. The thing is, I’m not making any buck of this site, but I do love the way it looks. I know, I don’t update, my posts are crap, etc. There’s definitely more to be asked if I want to have the good results. What I decided is to stop with the fucking porn crap for a while and just try to be honest with myself and my thoughts for a while until I get there.

So a few words about porn. I recently visited a major dating site. One of the fastest growing in our industry - Fling. I’m not going to link to it as I think it’s the biggest shit after Adult Friend Finder. How do I know? Well it’s easy. I’m from a country where the common American names are not to be found at all. We don’t have much Asian or Black girls. Actually the chance to see one in person is about 5 million times smaller than meeting one that leaves near by and has registered at a dating site. What do you know? Seems like Fling and AAF have lots of them. At least 1 in every GeoIP ad they’re having (you know, the ones saying Meet local girls from ).

I’m telling you people, these sites are SO FULL OF SHIT, it’s unbelieveable. A fact, the real thing is still better. And you know what else people - that’s why the Internet will never be enough. It just won’t. Online dating may have worked for many, but the downside is - it’s not us.

So my suggestion to you is - read this fucking book. I wrote this super crappy review like for it, but I guess it’s not working for anybody, but me. The truth is - this eBook is the nicest read I had in years. It’s always nice to find something that actually does something for you, saying this as a person loving self development literature and everything related.

Anyway, let me just shout the message once more - ADULT FRIEND FINDER AND FLING ARE CHEATS! THEY WILL DO ANYTHING TO GET YOUR MONEY AND SHIT ON YOUR DREAMS IN THE SAME TIME! (I know it’s little over the edge, but it’s the truth).

Anyhow… since nobody is writing comments to my threads, I assume they’re shit. If you however want porn or anything related, feel free to write that in the comments and I’ll see what I can do about it. I really thing this site should be more about fucking, but with 0 interaction it’s like talking to the wall, so who fucking cares what I’m posting, no?

Have a great day and don’t let the fuckers annoy you :)

Check 'em juggs puppin; at Twistys

How I learned the real secrets about what makes women want you!

Filed under: Dating Guide — Buster July 26, 2007 @ 10:07 am

Swinggcat's Guide to Real World Seduction - eBook CoverThe art of female seduction is something that has always interested me. In high school I’ve been always surrounded by women and I’ve always thought that being nice and being caring and understanding is important on the way to winning a girl, I was good at that at that point and I was feeling it worked OK.

After I graduated I lost many of my female "connections". I had to find new girlfriends, but then I found myself in trouble. It wasn’t as easy as I thought. Women had become more distant from me and it was quite hard getting their attention in a good sense. I guess after high school people grow up and the whole communication thing drastically changes one way or another.

I have always been communicative and it was easy for me to get female attention, but it has never been easy to take the things to the end. We usually ended being just friends or something like that.

Then I started asking myself what can I do to change this? I started chatting with women over the Internet, so I get to know them better - I tried IRC, ICQ, dating sites and anything that came to my mind, to find that it may be way harder to talk to women online than it is in real life. Then I started searching Google for catch phrases and conversation tips that would make it easier for me to talk to women. I searched and I read and the results were just getting worse. The one day I found it - Swinggcat’s Guide to Real World Seduction.

As a person doing marketing I started reading the long texts as I’ve always thought that example is the best way to learn. The truth is that I had to read it all - it was too interesting! This guy was explaining how women’s brains work and what pushes their buttons - it was amazing! I had all these memories rushing in my head - situations with old girlfriends and other women I knew. It sounded so right. I rushed to the signup page and bought the eBook. I read all night. It was amazing how simple things were, yet so hard to spot.

The next day I started reading from the beginning - I was about to start practicing. The first part of the book said - find women to be just friends and pratice on them. I liked the idea of meeting beautiful women and be friends with them, so I can push their buttons later. As the main part of picking up women is being self confident it was a hard thing to do, but eventually after a month or so I did it. I now know these 5 women, that are like my best friends and they’d do anything for my attention - call me, ask me out, buy me dinners and whatnot - it’s awesome! Now this, is where the real fun starts! (to be continued…)

Intenrested? Ready to find out more about the real deal?
Swinggcat’s Guide to Real World Seduction
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Bree Olson - Twistys June 2007 treat of the Month (almost out, but she’s hot as hell)

Filed under: Hot Nude Babes, Sexy Teens — Buster June 24, 2007 @ 7:23 pm

Check out this teen hottie. Her name is Bree and she’s Twistys‘ treat of the Month for June 2007. Quite yummy I must say. She has a sweet pack of perfect tits (I’m thinking small, perfectly round melons - it’s the summer melon fever coming all over me). She’s featured in 5 different photo shoots at Twistys, brining a taste of charm and foxyness. I picked one of her innocent, yet fuckable looking photos, but there’re some quite more interesting stuff at Twistys (who wants to miss a video of her riding a dildo? not me bro!).

She’s quite great you should check her out at Twistys


Click on the image to open Twistys
The full photo and video sets are available at Twistys

Check 'em juggs puppin; at Twistys

It’s been like this for a while…

Filed under: All Posts — Buster April 6, 2007 @ 2:16 pm

Oh well, sorry for being away. Stay tuned for more nude hotties in the next days!


Think Green! Healthy food, positive thinking and big boobs!

Filed under: Hot Nude Babes — Buster March 30, 2007 @ 11:43 am

Think Green was the topic of the lifestyle magazine I bought last night. I didn’t read much, cause I’m mostly looking at the pretty pictures. What I got seems to me that people who think green care a lot about Nature.

I wanted too to make a contribution to the world of green thinking people and thank Mother Nature for of her greatest accomplishments:


Click on the image to open FemJoy
The full photo set is available at FemJoy

Debbie Teen - Blonde cute teen with a passion for public nudity

Filed under: Hot Nude Babes, Sexy Teens — Buster March 28, 2007 @ 11:53 am

Hey hey!

Everybody, meet Debbie! She’s a cute 18 years old teen chick from Texas. She’s an intellegent hottie that studies English literature and as you can imagine, like every ordinary college student, she needs money! That’s probably the reason she has her own website (Debbie Teen), where she has nude pics of her showing off in public places (solo or with a sexy girlfriend).

In today’s issue, I’ve included 4 pics from her nudy photosession at some porch near the ocean. I think she looks very cute in this short skirt, especially when it goes up and reveals her sexy naked butt - I always when the chick comes with no panties underneath. I love this babe! Enjoy!

Debbie Teen

Click on the image above to visit Debbie Teen for more hot pics

Hot Lana featuring in Kissing Girlfriends – Couple of hotties making out

Filed under: Hot Nude Babes, Sexy Couples — Buster March 27, 2007 @ 8:03 am

Sexy Lana likes to daydream and get wet while she fantasize about kissing her hot girlfriends, caressing their sexy bodies and playing naughty games with them under the sheets. Check out this hottie getting naked, wet and ready to go at her site Lana’s Fantasies. She got tons of surprises for you in her member area. Some of her coming up soon.

Lana's Fantasies

Click on the image above to visit Lana’s Fantasies for more hot pics

Hot little Thai girl Lily Coh stripping off this big blue shirt

Filed under: Hot Nude Babes, Sexy Teens — Buster January 29, 2007 @ 2:00 pm

Lily Coh is one hot asian teen babe with small tits and little, dark nipples.

On her site she dresses up in all kinds of naughty outfits and pretty lingerie while showing off her tight ass and little pussy.

She is a petite, slim girl, but her legs are long and sexy, and the pantyhose and stockings from her pics and videos looks great on her, especially when one of her girlfriendsstrips them off.

Be sure to check out Lily Coh’s site and her pics and clips, where she is playing with her pretty, little parts!

Visit the hot photo gallery

CHECK OUT Lily Coh’s photo gallery
or go directly to Lily Coh’s official site

Check 'em juggs puppin; at Twistys

Toxxxy in a sexxxy net outfit playing with her asscheeks and fingering her pussy

Filed under: Hot Nude Babes — Buster January 22, 2007 @ 2:23 pm

Toxxxy is little kinky babe and she is sexy as hell is being filmed for one of her great kinky Videos which are all on her personal site!
She has to be the sexiest sultry goth babe on the net and even she doesn’t look so gothic in this hot gallery she has some really interesting outfits on her site.

Toxxxy is not afraid to get naked and show off her sexy slim figure, she actually really enjoy that and she enjoys trying some new weard outfits, which I find really sexxxy!

This gorgeous emo babe has a tight petite body, small perky tits and a great ass and blonde hair, but she changes the color pretty often!

Check out her Blog and her Site too where you can find lots of her hot photos, live shows and chat, and many exclusive videos of her.

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